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1.What the newspapers say: May 22, 2006 The question of vicinity is what seems to matter most in Romanian newspapers today, from the recent Eurovision contest to the spread of the bird flu virus in the region. But nobody seems pleased with either the regional votes in the music glitz hosted by Athens last weekend, nor with the suspicious lack of the H5N1 virus beyond Romanian borders, nor with what people farther away, in France or Germany, think of Romania.
2.Romania takes fourth place in Eurovision contest Romanian singer Mihai Traistariu took the fourth place in the Eurovision music contest with his high-octane song Tornero on Saturday. Seen as a favorite before the start of the event, he brought home the best ever points received by Romania in the European competition won by Finnish heavy metal band Lordi.
3.Final tests confirm Bucharest bird flu Final tests confirmed the presence of the bird flu virus in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Sunday evening. A first-degree quarantine was decided for an area of Bucharest District 2 where the virus has been identified, until the culling of all poultry there is concluded. The authorities say people in the area will be isolated for at least a week.
4.The impact of EU accession on real estate prices Real estate prices in Romania are set on a speculative basis, says the owner of a real estate agency in the Central Romanian city of Cluj Napoca, who also runs operations in Hungary, in an interview for Lazar O. Gabor says his company statistics show most properties are bought only for resale 1-3 years later.
5.Agriculture minister takes responsability
for bird flu crisis
There were 34 bird flu hotbeds across Romania on Monday, including two in Bucharest, where operations to contain the spread of the H5 virus will be partially contained tomorrow, Romanian Agriculture minister Gheorghe Flutur said today.
6.President Basescu feeling well, two weeks after surgical intervention President Traian Basescu’s health condition was developing positively on Monday, two weeks after he underwent a surgical intervention for hernia, Dr. Mihai Berteanu, who supervises the head of state at the Bucharest Elias Hospital, said on Monday.
7.German Ambassador criticizes corruption in Romanian administration German Ambassador to Bucharest Wilfried Gruber attacked Romanian bureaucracy and corruption on Monday, in a ceremony held in the western city of Arad, where he was named Doctor Honoris Causa of the local Vasile Goldis University.
8.Romanians talked on phone as for 88 years Romanians talked on the phone for over 17 billion minutes in 2005, which is approximately the span of 88 years, a report by the National Authority for Regulating Communication showed. The bulk of conversations unfolded on the mobile phone, 42% in the Romtelecom cord telephone network and 4.9 via other providers.
9.Strawberry pickers support Balkan economies The money earned by the citizens of the Balkans region working abroad has a substantial contribution to the economic growth of their home countries, Bloomberg writes quoting a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development report. Workers abroad sent home 20 billion dollars in 2005, according to the report.
10.New bird flu hotbed in Romanian capital A new bird flu hotbed was confirmed in Bucharest on Monday evening, the Romanian capital mayor Adriean Videanu said. The residents in the area within District 4 were preparing to leave their homes and spend the following days over relatives and friends instead of being isolated. The authorities are to declare first degree quarantine.
11.Intelligence report: Bird flu imported from Hungary and Slovakia Some 48,000 birds carrying avian virus might have been brought to Romania, to Brasov county where the bird flu outburst occurred several days ago, from Hungary and Slovakia, an Intelligence report showed. The report is to be presented to president Traian Basescu by the head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Radu Timofte.
12.Ex-PM testifies in miners' revolt case Former Romanian PM Adrian Nastase was called as witness in the miners’ revolt case to testify on Monday about the events that unfolded in mid June 1990. Nastase said the revolt was an unfortunate and sad event but he did not point out a guilty person. Ion Diaconescu, leader of the Romanian Peasants Party in early ‘90s, said that the former president Ion Iliescu and the Communist Party descendants were to blame for the wrongdoings of the miners' revolt 16 years ago.
13.Justice Minister worried about the Funding of political parties law The Romanian Justice Minister Monica Macovei said she was nervous regarding the funding of political parties law, as the normative project was very cautiously adopted by the Government and hence its endorsement by the Parliament would pose even more challenges taking into consideration this fall deadline.
14.Ruling coalition considers Government reshuffle The governing coalition reached a consensus regarding the reshuffling of the Government by reducing the number of ministries and agencies in order to increase the efficiency of the Romanian Executive body. The consensus however concerns only the intention of this reshuffle, as the coalition parties are not ready to give up ministry posts.
15.Popa din Cordau mi-a rapit copilul Preotul din Cordau a ajuns iar in vizorul Politiei. Teodor Bonce este acuzat ca a incalcat legea referitoare la masurile privind incredintarea minorilor. Fosta preoteasa spune ca popa si-a sechestrat propriul copil, pe care l-a luat de la gradinita fara acceptul ei
16.Primarul Osorheiului, in colimator Listele cu semnaturile satenilor comunei Osorhei care vor sa-l dea jos pe primar sunt luate la puricat de Politie. Oamenii legii trebuie sa dovedeasca, in 60 de zile, daca semnaturile sunt reale sau listele au fost falsificate de dusmanii lui Ioan Codau.
17.Discipolii criminalului Extremistii maghiari incurajeaza reabilitarea memoriei unui criminal de razboi. Wass Albert, condamnat la moarte pentru crime de razboi comise in timpul ocupatiei hortyste din Ardeal, este elogiat de tinerii unguri ultranationalisti din Oradea.
18.Nici melcii italieni nu suporta sa traiasca in Romania Anuntata ca o afacere profitabila, cresterea melcilor s-a dovedit a fi falimentara pentru intreprinzatorii ieseni, pierderile acestora totalizand 700.000 euro. Firma italiana "La casa della lumaca di Cagnassola Giani" este acuzata ca a livrat specia "Helix Aspersa", neadaptata la conditiile climatice din Romania
19.Diagnostic infirmat la Santimbru Gainile au murit de "ciuma pasarilor", nu de gripa aviara. Ferma vanduse pui unui numar de 49 de firme din mai multe orase din tara, inclusiv din Bucuresti.
20.Masuri stricte pentru prevenirea gripei aviare la Alba Iulia Pentru ca gripa aviara ne-a tras o zdravana sperietura si pentru a ramane numai cu atat, primarul municipiului Alba Iulia, Mircea Hava a convocat sambata, 20 mai, Comandamentul Antiepizootic
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