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1.What the newspapers say: May 15, 2006 The most recent bird flu outbreak in Romania seems to have gotten out of control, newspapers report unanimously on Monday, some of them warning that infected meat might have already been sold in stores across the country. But that doesn?t scare top EU officials due to visit Bucharest before May 16, when the European Commission publishes its report on Romania and Bulgaria accession. And the bird flu scare would not affect politics, with newspapers revealing the involvement of politicians in real estate business and reporting the findings of a poll that should clear things up about the image of the current governing alliance.
2.H5 virus identified at first Romanian farm Romanian authorities confirmed on Sunday the identification of the H5 bird flu virus at a chicken farm in Codlea, Southern Romania, the national TV station TVR reports. It is the first time the bird flu virus is confirmed at a farm in the country as most cases so far were reported in private households. Come Sunday afternoon, preliminary tests showed the virus was present at a second bird farm on the Codlea farming platform.
3.Bulgarians may face to safeguard clauses The European Union will impose to safeguard clauses on Bulgaria and will not include any clear recommendation on the date Bulgaria and Romania should join the EU, according to a draft of the European Commission report due to be published May 16, obtained by Bulgarian TV station BTV, quoted by
4.Report: Transparency lacking in Romanian administration Large provincial cities in Romania such as Iasi, Timisoara or Sibiu have proofed a whole lot more transparency towards the media and the civil society than Bucharest when it comes to the law granting free access to information of public interest, according to a new report by a Romanian NGO.
5.Romanians not interested in early elections The governing D.A. Alliance of Liberals (PNL) and Democrats (PD) is still trusted by most Romanians and would receive the votes of 44% of Romanians if elections took place tomorrow, according to a new poll by the INSOMAR institute. The study, quoted by the Realitatea TV news channel, shows most Romanians would disagree with early elections despite most of them agree that PNL and PD don?t work well together.
6.President Basescu to leave hospital this week Romanian President Traian Basescu will leave hospital this week after the surgical intervention he underwent for hernia last Monday, according to doctors at the Austrian clinic where he is hospitalized. They said the head of state was doing well and the recovery program developed normally.
7.Bird flu strikes again in Romania Romanian authorities were on full alert once again on Monday as two new bird flu hotbeds were identifies in the counties of Brasov and Vrancea. The city of Fagaras, Brasov county, a curfew was announced while local officials announced poultry in the region would be soon euthanized and incinerated.
8.Scheele: Prices to stay cool when Romania joins the EU The head of the EU Delegation to Bucharest, Jonathan Scheele, said on the Romanian TV station Antena 3 on Monday that prices would not explode once Romania would join the EU and salaries would not spiral out of control either.
9.Romania should join in 2007, most officials say Many officials of the European Parliament but also from Bucharest agreed for that Romania should join the European Union on January 1, 2007 and not later as it is ready for EU membership. interviewed some of the most influential European and Romanian officials on this issue in advance of the May 16 report of the European Commission, expected to hint at a date Romania and its southern neighbor Bulgaria should join the EU.
10.New fiscal code might dodge Parliament unless Govt. approves changes The adoption of changes to the Fiscal Code is much overdue and the Romanian Government tries to solve the issue on the brink of its deadline in this regard, possibly through an ordinance that would keep the bill away from Parliament. According to Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, the renewed Fiscal Code will not involve changes to the VAT or the flat tax before 2008, but starting next year will support increased secondary taxes such as those on property.
11.Rehabilitation of Bucharest historical center postponed again None of the nine Romanian and foreign construction works companies who had bought the task book for the rehabilitation of the Bucharest historical center appeared at a tender organized by the Bucharest City Hall in this regard on Monday. The situation leads to a third postponement of rehabilitation works in the Romanian capital, programmed to start by the end of June, one year later than initially announced.
12.Reuters: European Commission postpones enlargement decision
for September
The European Commission has postponed a decision on the date of Romania and Bulgaria’s accession to the EU for September, Reuters reports. An internal note that was circulated among European officials on Monday said the progress reported by the two counties in all fields will be evaluated by the Commission in early autumn, according to the international press agency.
13.Ape tulburi in PNL Schimb de replici dure intre premierul Calin Popescu Tariceanu - presedintele PNL si consilierul prezidential Teodor Stolojan referitor la situatia care exista in interiorul acestei formatiuni politice. Teodor Stolojan a declarat, luni, ca la conducerea PNL s-a instalat mult prea repede
14.Romanul vrea din nou la bloc In perioada 24-28 mai va avea loc prima editie a tirgului de case, organizat de Sphera Building Center. Proiectele care vor fi reprezentate la tirg vor veni cu oferte pentru case, vile, apartamente si terenuri, in cartiere obisnuite din Bucuresti sau in parcuri rezidentiale pentru toate buzunarele. O ultima tendinta pe piata imobiliara sint apartamentele de bloc.
15.Boc: Daca Stolojan era liderul PNL, am fi avut astazi fuziunea PD nu este implicat in vreo actiune de rasturnare a lui Tariceanu, dar nici nu considera o schimbare de guvern drept semn al instabilitatii politice. Presedintele PD, Emil Boc, sustine intr-un interviu acordat pentru EvZ ca daca Stolojan era liderul PNL, azi am fi avut un partid popular puternic format din fuziunea PD cu PNL.
16.Peste jumatate dintre romani nu mai vor guvernul Tariceanu Aproape doua treimi dintre alegatori - 64 la suta - se declara nemultumiti de prestatia lui Calin Popescu-Tariceanu ca prim-ministru, conform unui sondaj INSOMAR, realizat in perioada 5 - 9 mai, pe un esantion de 1.216 persoane, cu o marja de eroare de +/- 2,8 la suta. Stolojan, vazut drept cel mai bun viitor premier.
17.Columbeanu, la cutite cu politicienii pe tema emisiunii Monicai Controversata relatie de amor dintre miliardarul Irinel Columbeanu si liceana Monica face valuri la nivel inalt. Deputatul PIN a sesizat Ministerul Educatiei in legatura cu exemplul negativ pe care il da elevilor mediatizarea excesiva a relatiei dintre miliardar si liceana.
18.SOV si-a trimis angajatii din media din nou prin Insula Creta Vedetele si managerii Realitatii TV reediteaza weekendul de lux din Grecia. Nota de plata o achita oficial S.O. Vintu. Robert Turcescu, Mihai Tatulici, Andrei Gheorghe, Sergiu Toader, Melania Medeleanu, Andreea Rosca si Stelian Tanase s-au imbarcat joi seara in avionul inchiriat de SOV care a decolat spre statiunea Elounda din insula elena Creta.
19.Monica Barladeanu ii ramane fidela lui Razvan Ciobanu Mare admiratoare a creatiilor semnate Razvan Ciobanu, Monica Birladeanu a lipsit de la prezentarea celei mai noi colectii de moda, "Follow my ruin", lansata de designer in urma cu doua zile intr-o casa particulara din centrul Bucurestiului. Monica se afla in SUA si nu a putut veni in tara, fiind ocupata cu filmari.
20.Un baietel ii scrie lui Dumnezeu Un baietel vrea de ziua lui o bicicleta si se duce si ii cere mamei lui. Ea ii zice: ai fost baiat bun? ai fost cuminte? ai ajutat in casa? Si el pleaca suparat. Se duce in camera lui si incepe sa ii scrie o scrisoare lui zice: dear God stiu ca nu am fost cel mai bun dintre baietei.. se razgandeste si rupe foaia.
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