Egipt: Cel putin 343 de morti in violentele de miercuri - nou bilant oficial

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Joi, 15 august 2013, 10:47 Actualitate | Internaţional

Dispersarea sangeroasa, la Cairo, a manifestantilor care cereau revenirea presedintelui islamist Mohamed Morsi, destituit de armata, si violentele produse in intreg Egiptul s-au soldat miercuri cu cel putin 343 de morti, marea majoritate civili, potrivit unui nou bilant oficial anuntat joi, transmite AFP.

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    Morsi si Razboiul Sfant pentru Alah in Siria! (Joi, 15 august 2013, 18:32)

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    Pentru Morsi inceputul sfarsitului a fost pe la mijlocul lunii iunie pe stadionul 20.000 locuri din Cairo cand a anuntat inchiderea ambasadeilor Siriei la Cairo si a ambasadei Siriei la Damasc, ordonand armatei “jihad in the cause of Allah in Syria.” ... “there is no God but Allah, and Bashar is his enemy.”
    Numarul 343 morti comparat cu numarul mortilor razboiului lui Morsi pentru cauza lui Allah in Siria ...

    The beginning of the end for Egypt’s first elected president came in mid-June, when he attended a militant Islamist conference “in support of the Syrian uprising” at a 20,000-seat indoor stadium in Cairo. As the packed hall chanted and applauded deliriously, Morsi announced: “We have decided to close down the Syrian Embassy in Cairo. The Egyptian envoy in Damascus will also be withdrawn. The people of Egypt and its army will not leave Syrians until their rights are granted and the new elected leadership is chosen.” (Al Ahram online, June 15, 2013)
    By thus breaking off diplomatic relations with another Arab state, Morsi was joining the dubious company of the NATO-backed puppet regimes in Libya and Tunisia, the only Arabs so far to have called home their envoys from Damascus.

    Morsi Ousted by Generals to Stop His Plan for Sending the Egyptian Military to Attack Syria’s Assad

    Morsi ousted to stop plan for sending Egypt military toattack Syria’s Assad

    Thousands of Egyptian Islamists Rally For Holy Jihad Against Assad (Video)

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