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7,000 Romanian railway workers face technical redundancy

de C.B.
Vineri, 3 iulie 2009, 9:23 Actualitate

40% of the total Romanian Railways (CFR) employees from the Merchandise department are facing technical redundancy starting Friday. 7,000 staff members will take turns in being out of work due to Railway Society’s financial difficulties.

Sending 40% of CFR staff into technical redundancy will save 25% of the salary fund money. CFR manager Calin Gratian said CFR will see to other measures as well to make sure CFR will save 30%, which would be enough for the company for the moment. The staff facing technical redundancy will get 75% of their salaries for three months. Should financial problems continue, their redundancy period will extend.

Transport Minister Radu Berceanu declared on Thursday that CFR staff might stop receiving payments in the second 2009 half. The company's incomes dropped to 50% against 2008. Some of CFR staff requested a 50% increase in salary. CFR staff put up a rally on Wednesday, refusing to work because they did not receive their incomes. 

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