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Independent study:

Bucharest - an urban disaster with 9,000 people pre square kilometer

de Radu Rizea
Miercuri, 12 martie 2008, 23:44 Actualitate

The "Save Bucharest" Association presented on Thursday its independent report called "Bucharest, an urban disaster", drawing the attention towards the fact that historically priceless buildings are left to ruin or destroyed on purpose by people interested in the terrain beneath them. The document also reveals that the traffic in Bucharest is less and less tolerable, since the populace density reached 9,009 people per square kilometer, and the green space is decreasing in surface from one year to the next. The same report shows that the number of people affected by respiratory diseases is increasing alarmingly.

To compare the figures, Berlin has a populace density of 3,905 inhabitants, Vienna has 3,850 and Budapest has 3,674.

"It is widely considered that the level where the social comfort dramatically drops is 3,500 inhabitants per square kilometers. Despite this, Bucharest authorities offers countless construction authorizations in already overpopulated areas", the report shows.

The same paper indicates that the green space in Bucharest decreased from 3,500 hectares in 1989 to 1,500 in 2007. 

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