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1.OPINION ​The cartel against Romanian graft prosecutors: a major change of tactics in battle with anti-corruption chief Kovesi A small cartel formed of influential business people, media owners and corrupt politicians is investing energy and resources in an attempt to persuade Western governments that the fight against corruption in Romania, the anti-graft body DNA and its chief Laura Codruta Kovesi no longer deserve their support. We are witnessing a major change of tactics in the fight against prosecutors investigating high level graft. DNA's "clients" have understood that in order to have peace in the country a lot of noise has to be made abroad. Changing laws and killing institutions would be in vain if Brussels or Washington intervene in their support and put them back under pressure.
2.​OPINION The major issues with President Iohannis' nomination of politician Eduard Hellvig as head of Romanian Intelligence Service Information obtained by shows with little doubt that Romania's new President Klaus Iohannis has not consulted with the US partners of the country before making one of his most important moves at the start of his term: the nomination of a new head at the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) this week. The Americans were abruptly informed just prior to the official announcement that Iohannis' nominee for SRI director would be politician Eduard Hellvig, as confirmed by both domestic and foreign sources. So what he did not consult with the US - isn't Romania an independent, sovereign country? Why should the US or any other partner give their blessing before hand? Well, this is not about a foreign veto, but about a basic gesture of courtesy to the strategic partners of Romania.


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